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L'Eric is a vintage, lightweight, functional briefcase / messenger bag. It is created to keep your laptop, tablet, digital devices, cards, certs and accessories neat on weekdays or business trips.

We’ve been trying to produce briefcases with high quality, durability and delicate workmanship. L'Eric takes minimalism in design, yet it is one user-friendly and functional case having the following key features:

  • Open in the center and easy access to every piece of gadgets  
  • Standalone flannel compartment for up to 15 inch laptop 
  • Quality guaranteed SBS zipper for smoother sliding, flannel zipper tape preventing your laptop from scratches
  • Metal components delicately designed for injection molding, processed by black matte plating 
  • Nice-to-touch and water repellent surface. Stretchable, scratch resistant
  •  Handles replaceable to extend life cycles

    A Functional Spacious Briefcase

    L'Eric is well constructed and spacious. Working professionals carrying 15 inch laptop and more electronics like iPad, iPod, electronics, watches, storage devices, wireless mouses, etc. will find organizing easy.

    Grab and go. Hold it for a professional, class look when meeting a new customer. 

    Tangled wires are messy and kill your productivity. L'Eric is equipped with zippered compartment to make your bag look clean. 

    Quick Access to Every Piece of Gadget

    L'Eric opens in the center. You can access all your belongings easily and quickly.

    Lightweight and Durable

    We meticulously designed overall construction to be reasonable, materials both lightweight and durable, since we know professionals need to carry less “pressure”.

    L'Eric has a zippered standalone compartment that contains most 15  inch laptops, with the interior materials and zipper tap made of flannel, to prevent laptops from scratches. 

    Quality Guaranteed Materials

    We partner with SBS Zipper to ensure smooth zipping. 

    • All metal components are delicately designed for injection molding, processed by matte plating
    • Every package comes with an additional shoulder strap to get your style covered

    SBS Zipper Brand Introduction

    SBS Zipper, founded in 1984, is currently one of the two leading contenders for "Internationsl zipper domination" . It is zipper supplier of famous brands like North Face, H&M and Mango


     Soft to Touch & Water Repellent Surface

    We use high quality PU, not genuine leather. It is stretchable, nice to touch, water repellent and scratch resistant.  

    The Design

    We're a group of life product designers. We want to do our part to improve the shortcomings of existing products and to achieve both the functionality and simplicity. 

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